Premium lantern roofs from The TWR Group

The TWR Group manufacture and supply the Stratus lantern roof from Synseal. The Stratus roof is the most innovative lantern roof on the market. It is ideal for installing in flat roof extensions and can also be used to replace an existing lantern roof. The Stratus roof will improve the aesthetics and thermal performance of any property.

Stratus lantern roof features

  • Hard wearing aluminium exterior
  • Available in 3 way (3000mm x 6000mm max) or 2 way designs (1500mm x 6000mm max) and contemporary design (1500mm x 3000mm max)
  • Utilises polyamide nylon glass composite thermal breaks, 533 times more thermally efficient than aluminium
  • 20˚ pitch with discreet, purpose designed top caps and internal covers.
  • 24mm glazing
  • Up to 65% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems
  • Can be powder coated in-house using over 200 RAL colours

The Stratus lantern roof perfectly showcases high quality British engineering at its best. The TWR Group fabricate and supply Stratus lantern roofs in Anthracite Grey and Crisp White on White as standard. Thanks to our in-house powder coating facility, we can also offer lantern roofs in any RAL colour. The roof has a hard-wearing aluminium exterior giving it a modern and stylish look. A 20-degree pitch and discreet capping further enhance its stylish aesthetic.

The Stratus roof has a 66% smaller ridge than standard lantern roof systems. This provides slimmer sightlines which means optimised light intake. The Stratus roof is 60% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium systems. The system uses polyamide nylon, glass composite thermal breaks. It provides excellent thermal performance, keeping any property cool in Summer and warm in Winter.